Lines of Reserch

Caring process in health and nursing

It includes studies related to the caring process in the different stages of the life cycle, both individually and in the family. It covers studies whose results contribute to research, teaching and clinical care directed to different groups (families, women, children, adults, men, clinical patients, surgery patients, cancer patients, and elderly), focusing on primary and in specialized health care.

  • Anamaria Alves Napoleão
  • Aline Cristina Cavicchioli Okido
  • Aline Gratão
  • Angelica Martins de Souza Gonçalves
  • Fabiana de Souza Orlandi
  • Francisco de Assis Carvalho do Vale
  • Giselle Dupas
  • Jamile Claro de Castro Bussadori
  • Márcia R. Cangiani Fabbro
  • Marisa Silvana Zazzetta
  • Monika Wernet
  • Priscilla Hortense
  • Regimar Machado
  • Sofia Cristina Iost Pavarini
  • Sonia Regina Zerbetto


Work and management in health and nursing

It includes studies with a collective approach that cover the work and management of health services, in the context of the public policies and the health practices within the Brazilian Unified Health System – called SUS (Sistema Único de Saúde). The scenario of primary health care is investigated in researches on the work process in health and nursing, focusing on conceptions, knowledge and practices of health workers.

  • Cássia Irene Spinelli Arantes
  • Jaqueline Alcântara Marcelino da Silva
  • Márcia Niituma Ogata
  • Silvia Carla da Silva André
  • Sílvia Helena Zem-Mascarenhas
  • Rosely Moralez de Figueiredo
  • Simone Protti
  • Vivian Aline Mininel


Health Care and Education Technologies

It includes studies of technologies for care, education and health education.

  • Anamaria Alves Napoleão
  • Carla Maria Ramos Germano
  • Cristina Paiva de Sousa
  • Débora Gusmão Melo
  • Priscilla Hortense
  • Regimar Machado
  • Rosely Moralez de Figueiredo 
  • Sílvia Helena Zem-Mascarenhas